Jessica’s Answer:

The curse and the blessing of our industry is that there is no rule book.  It’s a curse because there’s no manual to follow, no steps to take, no correlation between hard work & commitment=success. However, the blessing is, because there are no rules, no one can tell you that “you can’t.”

Yes, it’s possible to re-emerge in the entertainment industry.  Rekindle old relationships and create new ones. There’s no reason to bring up your illness unless, your fight and victory over it is a source of pride. Then, share your triumph with others and let that lead into your passion and drive to get back to the career you love.

I’ve coached people who were forced to leave the industry for many reasons: spouse got relocated, a sick child or aging parent, illness, a new career that wasn’t the answer, depression, divorce, and so on…

You know what? There are plenty of people out there who in the last two years that you were healing, were doing less than what you can now accomplish in a month’s time if you put your heart and mind to it.

I wish you all the success you desire, and if I can be of help, let me know.

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To your success!