Jessica’s Answer:

Since I know an actress asked this question, first I have to clarify to the other classifications, that actors make postcards with their headshot and contact info on them. Some people have the opinion that sending your postcard as a thank you note, is another way to get your face in front of the casting director.

I have a different opinion.  I believe that thank you notes should be a sincere and genuine expression of gratitude. To me, a postcard with your picture, or a thank you note with your contact information is a subtle solicitation. Therefore I suggest following these steps for thank you notes:

1. Send an actual card (something that reveals something about you or something you know they like)
2. Remind the person where you met
3. Thank them for something specific
4. Add something personal to show that you were paying attention to what they were saying
5. Sign your first and last name CLEARLY

One of the reasons why people don’t know what questions to ask when they meet people is because they haven’t started at the end.  What do you want the outcome of your meeting to be?  What if the outcome you want is to be able to write an amazing thank you note that answers 2, 3, & 4? Knowing that you need to tie in something personal will create the questions you ask. Knowing you have to thank them for something specific will cause you to listen with more intention, creating deeper rapport with the person.

For those of you (and I know you’re out there) who are thinking, “But, if I don’t put my contact number (or picture) how will they remember who I am and know how to contact me?”

I’ve received hundreds of thank you notes from people. I always remember who they are. On top of that, I’m resourceful enough to know where to look for their contact information when I want to contact them.

You can follow up with “new news” on your postcard or on your letterhead, a week later. Allow yourself the simple gesture of gratitude, with a sincere thank you note, and believe me, you’ll stand out.

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To your success!