Jessica’s Answer:

The question actually read, “Should I re-rate to DP?” But, because my readers are in different classifications, I’ll give the standard answer which applies to any classification.

My answer is a list of questions:
1.Do you know enough people who WILL hire you in the new classification?

2. Do you have the marketing materials to back up your experience in the new classification (ex: reel, credits)

If you answered, “No,” to 1 & 2 and still want to re-rate:
3. Do you have enough money saved to last you 2-5 years?

That is not an arbitrary time period that I have chosen.  In my experience of coaching over 1000 people one-on-one, that’s the average time it takes to move up in classification without proven experience and A LOT of contacts who are willing to hire you. However, all it takes is one person to give you a break, and that can change everything. I just wanted to give you an answer based on the average that I’ve seen.

Being the exception to the rule is possible, being prepared for the realities of the entertainment industry is practical. 

If you have a question, put it in the comment section.
To your success!