Jessica’s Answer:

YES! Here’s why:
Here’s the thing… Facebook has now become a commodity. When actors sign in for auditons they are asked how many freinds and followers(Twitter) they have. Producers want to know what kind of social media following crew members have. WHY because it’s free advertising. If a producer has to choose beteen two equally talented Cinematographers one with no social media presence and one with a combined 4000 “connections,” the smart marketing choice is to go with the Cinematographer who will share details of the movie opening or TV show episode with her 4000 connections.

I think Facebook is a great way to maintain relationships and create new ones. People get to see your work updates (which you should post) and personal updates (that you should post with care). Put pictures up of your family, hobbies, and pets, so people who have commonalities will relate to you. Post your reel and clips from your work.

Be aware of the “first 3-month addiction,” that you will undoubtably get sucked into when friends from the old neighborhood, K-12, college, camp, old jobs, frat/sorority, etc., find you and want to catch up. This is goog because THESE are the people who go to movies and watch TV, so producers like those connections.

NOW– if you REALLY want a social media site that is targeted specfically to you as an entertainment professional getting work I recommend STAGE 32 IT’s, LinkedIn and Facebook all wrapped up in one for the Film, TV, Commercial & Doc world. You can check it out HERE You will hear an angel sing because you’ll think you’re in Entertainment Heaven… but that’s just Richard “RB” Botto…. tell him I say “Hi!”

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Have fun and post strategically.