Jessica’s Answer:

This question is too easy. Answer: DON’T BE FAKE.

Obvious isn’t it? Yet, so complicated, and trust me I’m not being sarcastic. I’m sure the person who asked this question is dead serious as were the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of people who’ve asked me before in seminars, groups, and one-on-one.  This question is a huge concern. So, let me put your mind at ease… If you are not being fake, you will not be perceived that way. If you are being fake, what exactly are you faking? That you’re talented? That you’re hirable? That you’re worthy of their time, work, and money? If you don’t believe these to be true about yourself, you need to work on your confidence not your ability to “act” fake.    

I think that most people who ask this question, need to work on their marketing plan, so they have the confidence to back up what they’re selling. The fact that you’re even worried about appearing fake, convinces me that you are most likely not coming off that way. Most fake people could care less about being fake.

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To your success!