Jessica’s Answer:

That question is impossible for me to answer without my Magic 8 Ball. So, let me re-phrase it as: Do internships in the entertainment industry have the POTENTIAL to lead to anything after? Now, I can give you a firm yes– IF you treat the internship as a business opportunity, which means: 1. Know where you want to be 3 steps after the internship so you can take the steps to position yourself toward those milestones

2. Create relationships with everyone you possibly can

3. Help the people you meet at your internship achieve their goals

4. Contact everyone you know, to tell them you’re working, and what you plan to do when this job is done

5. Be the BEST at whatever you’re assigned

6. Go above and beyond whenever possible

7. Learn, LEARN, LEARN

Internships can be advantages stepping stones if you know where you want to step next.

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To your success!