Jessica’s Answer:

This is a tough scenario. I’ve coached a lot of husbands whose frustrated non-pro wives, give them ultimatums, young adults whose parents “give them a few years,” and friends who joke “Are you still doing that (insert your talent here) thing?”

Creatives are very sensitive people for a number of reasons: 1. They constantly feel judged
2. Their work is an extension of themselves
3. They don’t always get rewarded with money
4. They have a dream that not only seems like a fantasy to non-pro people, they also have a talent that tears them up inside if they can’t share it
5. Insert your reason here: __________________________________

There is a solution– a great one. You must share with your loved ones and friends only the bits they can understand. For the rest, you MUST seek out people who are beyond where you are now, who know what it takes to succeed, and most importantly, can see you BIGGER than you can see yourself.

If your wealth is the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with… the sum of your success can also be measured by the 5 people you spend the most time with. In other words, if you spend a lot of time with people who see your great potential they will continue to lift you up. If you spend your time talking about your goals to people who don’t get them, they will discourage you, not from a bad place, but because they want to protect you. Sheltered people don’t soar… find people who will push you to your greatest heights!

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To your success!