Jessica’s Answer:

First, let me re-phrase that question to add in any classification in the entertainment industry. Then, let me give you the answer you may not want to hear, but it’s the answer you need to hear.

There is no realistic time table, in fact there’s no time table at all. I’ll go even further to say there’s barely a measure of someone who’s “made-it.” I work with Oscar and Emmy winners who are out of work. People who you view as successful, are scared of losing the ground they’ve gained. You’ve watched huge names like Travolta, Roberts, and Rourke go from huge to vanished to huge again…

Some people vanish and never make it back, some people make it, yet aren’t a “household” name. So what’s a person who needs more stability to do?

1. Define what “making it” means for you, so you’ll know when you’re there.

2. If you need a timetable, decide that. If you don’t want to put a timetable on your success, plan for additional streams of income so that money is never forcing you to give up on your dream.

3. Treat the business like a business. No lame excuses for not knowing what to do. You have ME to tell you. Too many people “wish they’d met me when they first started pursuing their career.” It’s unfortunate I was a toddler then, but nonetheless, I’m here now and armed with information.

4. Invest in yourself and your career.

5. Surround yourself with experts.

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To your success!