Jessica’s Answer:

Here’s how the actual question read:
You said about looking for work, “the best time to make calls is while you’re working.”  Could you talk more about that?  I usually get absorbed in what I am doing and don’t think to be reaching out to people during that time.

The reason I say that quote is because: 1. You’re not calling for work, which puts you and the person you’re calling at ease
2. You’re far more confident when you’re working, so it’s a great time to be talking to people
3. YOU’RE MORE MARKETABLE when you’re working! Suddenly people want you… the domino effect

Back to your question. Like you, when I tell people to make calls while they’re working, I usually hear:
1. I’m too busy to make calls while I’m working
2. I don’t want to look like the guy/girl who’s always on the phone
3. I’m too exhausted from work to even think about making calls
4. If I’m just there for the day (dayplaying) I want to look like I’m totally focused on my job
5. I don’t want to make people who aren’t working feel bad by calling them to say I’m working

I could address each of these individually (and if you’d like me to, please write that in the comment section), instead I’ll give you the bottom line.

If the best time to generate work is while you’re working, you must be contacting people despite numbers 1-5. So, here’s how you make it happen:

1. Set a goal for the day; the number of people (even if it’s 1) you plan to contact. It’s like making a list for the grocery store- you’re focused on the items on your list, because you wrote them down.
You’re absorbed and not thinking about calling because you’re not focused on it.

2. Now that you have a goal, create a plan; decide when you will contact them. Spread it out over your drive to set, your lunch hour, your breaks, your drive home (obviously being considerate of what time it is).

3. Know your call objective, so you can preface your conversation by saying, “Hey I’m on set and only have about two minutes, so I just wanted to…,” and then get to your objective.

4. As part of your plan decide HOW you will contact them. If calling them just isn’t possible, there’s email, texting, social networking sites like Facebook. Instead of staring at obstacles, seek out ways to make it happen!

I’m sure this post has opened up even more questions for you, my wonderful inquisitive readers. So feel free to post them in the comment section and I’ll get to them all.

If you have a question, put it in the comment section.
To your success!