Jessica’s Answer:

I have to apologize to the girl who sent this, for making her wait until Question 69… I couldn’t resist.  

Wow, this is not the kind of career advice that I ever thought I’d be giving. Definitely NOT in the career coach manual.  Just goes to show, you never know what kinds of questions you’ll get when you open it up.  So, back to the question at hand… When I first entered the world of acting, I chose my roles based on if I’d be able to sit on the couch next to my dad and watch with him. If the answer was no, I didn’t take the role.

No one can answer this question for you. Non-union, union, A-list director, unknown director… the bottom line is, how do you feel about doing a sex scene? Plenty of actress’ careers soared after doing nude scenes. Others can’t be found anywhere on Mr. Skin’s website, yet have outstanding resumes. It comes back to making that list of the pros and the cons. Here’s some questions, hope they help:

1. Is it an EXCEPTIONAL script?
2. Will the scenes you’re in (other than the one in question) be defining for your reel?
3. How will the scene be shot?
4. What do you know about the producers, director, writer, other actors?
5. How would you feel if the scene was splashed all over YouTube and Facebook?

We’ve come a long way from Leave it to Beaver (sorry… I don’t know what’s gotten into me today). Good luck with your decision.

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To your success!