Jessica’s Answer:

You’ve made the choice to feel resentment. You could have chosen to feel inspired by them, happy for them, excited for their success, motivated by their success, curious as to how they accomplished their goals… But instead, you’ve chosen resentment. How does this choice help your career? I’ll tell you – it doesn’t. Quite the opposite. Resentment eats away at you causing you to have this tinge of a nasty edge, when meeting new people, answering people’s questions, interviewing for jobs, etc. And then you wonder why you can’t get a job, maintain a relationship, or create new ones, which then makes you MORE resentful.

So how do you deal with the resentment you feel? You don’t. You make a better choice. This may not come naturally at first, but eventually, it will become second nature to celebrate other’s success, and in doing so, they’ll be celebrating in yours as well.

For those with an abundant mindset, there really is enough to go around.

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To your success!