Jessica’s Answer:

The question continues: Should I just wait to see if we get another show?

Another question that I can’t answer for you. What I will do, is give you some things to think about: 1. How would you feel if someone from your “crew family,” who like you, was unsure of the future, decided to take a job in order to support his/her family, accrue hours to maintain health benefits, and be able to continue working?

2. Do you consider putting all of your eggs in one basket, prudent? What if the person who hires you retires, leaves the business, or stops getting hired? Can you see benefits to working with multiple crews and expanding your “family?”

3. If you accepted a job and then your “crew family” got another show, would the feelings that would bring up for you, outweigh the feelings of being out of work because you waited and they didn’t get a show?

4. Remember, as your network expands, so does your crew family’s.

This is a tough decision because you do create “crew family bonds,” sometimes stronger than the ones with your actual family. Personally, I am always happy for my “crew family members’ successes.” I never take it personally when they have to move on to keep growing. I’ve seen too many people put their eggs in one basket to ever make that mistake myself, though I do have a core group of people that if I had a choice, I would work with for the rest of my life.  This industry is as unpredictable as life though, and it’s times like these when you must choose.

Communication is key, as is trusting your instincts, and maintaining your integrity. 

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