Jessica’s Answer:

Are you asking because you’re a parent of a child who’s interested in being in entertainment? I’ll answer with the assumption that you are. And if you want to know for any other reason, you’ll have to send a more specific question. Is it okay? Yes, it’s okay. There are laws and unions to protect minors. There are even requirements for set teachers so children on sets have time for education.

If The Real Housewives are your inspiration, I must point out the underlying implication of the “controlling stage mom.” The entertainment industry can be hard on a child’s self- esteem. There is a lot of rejection that isn’t necessarily personal. I don’t give out parental advice. What I will say is there are plenty examples of Stage Moms gone wrong (again, assuming you’re a woman, didn’t cross my mind that a dad is watching TRH). I’ll say the same thing to you that I say to my clients: you’ve got to love it and enjoy the journey, or do something else. So, keep an eye on your child and be sure he/she loves it and is enjoying it.

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