Jessica’s Answer:

Ooooooo that’s a toughy. It depends on so many things: what kind of career you want, what kind of reality show, how you’re edited on that show, the relationships you develop while doing that show.

Like most opportunities, it’s all relative. Jacinda Barrett, from the Real World has been building a legitimate theatrical career. Yet, hundreds of other people who’ve done reality have never worked theatrically.  Some have done guest appearances on television shows, either as a character or as themselves. I’ve caught a few doing commercials. Some comedians have shows I’ve loved, like Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. Still others have made a career of going from reality show to reality show. A few “train-wrecks” have even had shows created around them.

You’ve got to know the tone of the show. There’s a difference between doing “the Apprentice” and doing “Bret Michael’s Rock of Love.”

My final question is why do you want to act? Do you just want the fame? And if so, do you just want 15 minutes of it?

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