Is Your Drive Strong Enough?    

Rush has it all; hot guys, fast cars, and super models. Based on the true rivalry between Formula 1 race car drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, the story explores how a competitive fire literally helped Lauda recover and return to racing, after surviving a horrible crash.   

My usual response to competition is, “Don’t focus on it.  There is only one you and if you’re right for the job you’ll get it.”

However, for the sake of this example, and because this movie is about cars, let’s talk about ‘DRIVE.’ Drive is defined as:
1.    to send, expel, or otherwise cause to move by force or compulsion
2.    to cause and guide the movement of (a vehicle, an animal, etc.)
3.    to force to work or act
4.    to impel; constrain; urge; compel

In Rush, Niki’s drive was fueled by his obsession to beat his rival James.  It’s what he thought about as he lay in his hospital bed, enduring terrible pain while watching Hunt win races.  It got him out of the hospital and into a race car in a month!

Imagine what that kind of drive could do for your career! So, what does drive you? And is it enough? Let’s find out in these 3 steps:

1.    What drives you? Is it money, fame, supporting your family, making someone proud, changing lives, showing those who picked on you as a child that they were wrong, getting the job over your rival, or something else? ______________________

2.    How does this driving force motivate you in situations on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the strongest motivation)
a.    Making a dreaded phone call ______
b.    Walking up to someone intimidating at an event ____
c.    Giving your all at an audition/interview _____
d.    Taking massive action to achieve your goal _____
e.    Asking to be paid your worth ______
f.    Doing whatever it takes to succeed _____

3.    Where do you need improvement?  

If your drive isn’t at a 10 for each of the situations in #2, you need to strengthen your drive.  Nothing could stop Niki Lauda from getting back in that car and racing against James, not even having half his face burned off and excruciating pain. So, if the thought of making a call to someone who can hire you causes pain, you need a strong driving force to make you do it.  What can that driving force be?         

And Action!

1.    Complete the 3 steps
2.    If necessary, find a stronger drive.
In the case of James and Niki, competition was a strong driving force.  Perhaps, if it does the trick, finding a rival to drive you could be a positive force.