SALT Own The Room
By Jessica Sitomer & Sharon Jakubecy

When CIA agent Evelyn Salt is in the room, everyone takes notice! The question throughout the movie is, “Is she a mole or a double agent?” It’s so hard to tell because Salt, is elegant and graceful in her body, no matter who’s in the room. Angelina Jolie was excellent casting for this role, as she didn’t have to use any acting tricks to convince us she can ‘own a room.’

Standing out and ‘owning the room’ is an art unto itself, and a very necessary one if you want to attract networking opportunities, job opportunities, and create great marketing tools. What makes some people stand out while others go unnoticed? The obvious answer would be, confidence. Yet, plenty of people who lack self-confidence do a great job of ‘owning a room.’ If you’re shy or feel you lack self-confidence, you probably can’t imagine how simple it can be to stand out simply by using your body correctly. Because there is a much cheaper and faster route that a decade in therapy, I’ve asked Alexander Technique Expert, Sharon Jakubecy, to give you five tips for in her words to, “Gracefully inspire the people you are meeting”:

1) Take your time and slow down even as you are walking from your car to the building.  When you take your time while walking through a door, you make a powerful entrance because you already look and feel more confident.  If Salt was rushed, she would blow her cover.  A rushed person makes everyone else feel uncomfortable.  Taking a beat to slow down allows you to be physically loose, fluid, open, and graceful.  Magnetic, even.

2) Before you walk into an audition, pitch meeting, or interview, let breath out of your mouth, in a whispered Ahhhh.  Most people will say “Breathe!”  This command usually evokes a desperate gasp for breath that only makes you more tense.  Letting breath out on a whispered Ahhh slows your breath rate, which slows your heart rate, which calms your nervous system.  Your body’s natural breathing coordination can kick in and do its job.  You think more clearly.  Your eyes are brighter.  And you have great energy when you make an entrance.

3) Look into the horizon instead of down at the floor.  Your eyes have a huge impact on your posture, your perception, and your confidence.  Looking into a room makes you look taller and more open.  You can literally see more of the world and more of the people you want to connect with.  You will also feel powerful and confident because you are no longer “hiding” by looking down at the floor.  Your spine is longer and your chest and shoulders are wider.  Everyone can see you and you can own the room.

4) Stand on both legs at hips-width distance.  What do your legs have to do with your confidence?  Everything!  Your legs are literally your foundation.  If you are collapsed on one hip with most of your weight on one leg, you are not grounded and it is harder to breathe.  Standing on both legs gives your body structural support; you can breathe easier and you are taller.  When you are grounded, you can make quick decisions, respond creatively to networking opportunities, and take bold actions to market yourself.

5) Release UP to your full height.  Most people relate confidence with great posture AND most people will try to stand up straight by lifting their chin, tightening their neck and back muscles, squeezing their shoulder blades together, holding their breath, and locking their knees.  Try this.  It does not feel confident, more like an uptight soldier.  Your full height, your most powerful stature, your expansiveness happens when you let go in the muscles of your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and abdomen.  You are taller and more open when you release muscular effort.  You stand out in a crowd and easily attract the people and opportunities that will propel you to success.

And Action!

1. If you want to Own the Room, sign up TODAY for the next workshop with Sharon Jakubecy on Sunday, February 20, 10 – 12 pm.

2.  Practice the exercises Sharon suggests. Get them into your physiology BEFORE you are in a high stress situation

Having a greater understanding of how to your body functions best, is an important success strategy. Imagine exuding Salt’s confidence with a simple Ahhhhhhh.

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