3 Steps to Stop Runaway Production From Ruining Your Entertainment Industry Career

It’s that time of year when I reveal to you my “theme” for the year, so drum roll, please… Silver Shining Playbook.  It’s three-fold; one, in that this is a year where I want to “Shine” in everything I do, two, shining silver signifies abundance to me, and three, this is the first year that I’ve created quite the “playbook” which includes a business, marketing AND social media plan. It also includes this newsletter which I will now be sending out once a week.  So, every Wednesday, to help you get over that hump, you can expect either a “Jess Gets Reel” like today’s video, or a “Reel Answers” video, where I answer your questions. Since my year’s theme was inspired by the movie, I thought today’s video should be as well.  It tackles runaway production and any other obstacles that get in your way.  I appreciate all the comments and social media shares. ps. You’ll get to see a bit of the “country girl” in me… Today’s comes from the movie Silver Linings Playbook:


Think of something external happening in your career something you have no control over, for example if you feel your career is being affected by runaway production, tax incentives from other states, the person who always hired you, retired.

Do you have something in mind?

The first step: you need to move through the negative impact you’re perceiving it is having on your career.

The second step: is acceptance. Because it’s an external circumstance, one you have no control over, you must accept that it is what it is. Now ask yourself? Are you willing to end your career over it? If your answer is no, you only have one choice…

The third step: to take action. That’s what you have control over your actions. If you are focused negatively on work moving to another state, you can take the action of moving there, or you can take the action of finding out what work is still in your state and pursuing new contacts who are involved in those production. The thing is, you can’t see a silver lining around a rain cloud unless there’s a rain cloud in the sky, and you can’t see a silver lining in your life until you take positive action that reveals a positive outcome Click To TWEET http://ctt.ec/cMU84. You have to do everything you can, and if you stay positive you have a shot at a silver lining.     

Now I want to hear from you. Tell me about a random act of kindness you’ve performed or now plan to do and put it in the comments below. Your shares and comments may start a chain reaction of random acts of kindness… Woo Hoo!!