The Line Between Business and "FRIENDship" on Facebook
By Jessica Sitomer

Maybe I’m cranky because I’ve been hit by one too many pillows on Facebook this week, but it’s time to have this conversation. Facebook, is an amazing tool for entertainment industry professionals, because it’s such an easy way to learn about people you normally wouldn’t have access to. You learn through their posts, pictures, and videos. Usually, you learn good things, like: They’re proud parents or dog owners, avid sailors or snowboarders, artists, photographers, sports fanatics, TV show fans, excellent cooks, etc.

However, sometimes you learn bad things about them, like that they have too much time on their hands (because they’re spending all their time on Mafia Wars or planting farms), they don’t understand boundaries (because they are "selling themselves" on your wall without your permission, by posting a link of their reel or tagging you in a video they shot that you had nothing to do with to capitalize on your name), or that they are annoying (because they hit you with pillows, 10 times a day or send you gifts that they want returned).

Social media may be fun for some, but if you are using Facebook as a way to showcase yourself to the world as a well-rounded human being with a life and career, then be very aware of how you’re presenting yourself.

Some bonus "no-nos"
1. Don’t send out blanket emails to everyone on your list. That’s called SPAM, and is not legal.

2. Be aware of how many times you’re asking someone to be your fan. If they didn’t join your page the first 3 times, they’ll probaly unfriend you on the 11th time (at least that’s my breaking point, and I’m pretty easy going.)

3. Do not invite EVERYONE on your list to an event if it doesn’t apply to them.

4. Don’t write confrontational things on people’s wall If you disagree with something they wrote, send a private email. You don’t want to be recognized as the guy/gal who starts Facebook wall wars.

Keep in mind, some people have over 1000 friends. If even half of their friends sent them a fan page request each day, that’s a lot of email to sort through. Yes, many people, including me, have my Facebook messages forwarded to my private email. SO BE CONDSIDERATE OF PEOPLE’S TIME.

All that said, I love Facebook, I love my Facebook Friends, and I love that this marketing tool is free. Use it wisely and you will reap the benefits.

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