Spreading Holiday Cheer

In Elf, Will Ferrell, has a childlike innocence, that not only makes him fearless, he also embraces strangers in the hopes of making their day better and their Christmas brighter.

Have you ever stood in an elevator next to someone and not said a word?  Have you ever stood on line for groceries with a person in front of you and behind you and not exchanged a smile? Have you ever been on a boat and noticed that it doesn’t matter if you’re on a yacht or a dingy people wave at each other?

Well, we don’t all live on boats, we live on this planet together, amongst billions of strangers, and most of the time, we don’t embrace our fellow humans.

Why is that? I’m the rare breed who does say hello to people in elevators as well as strike up a conversation with whomever is on line with me at a store.  And this month, I took it a step further and it’s helped me grow my business. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do, even give you a quick script so you can create opportunities every time you leave the house.  Here’s the script:

You have been selected for a random act of _______ (Nov/Dec: holiday cheer, Jan: New Year’s cheer, Feb: love, OR tie it into what you do: laughter, entertainment, beauty, fashion, suspense, etc)

1.    Make the font small so it’s about 2X3 inches and fill up the page with them, print them out, cut them up.  

2.    Take a clear plastic bag (either a sandwich bag or to be more professional you can get clear bags at an office supply store) and fill it with a treat (a candy cane, a chocolate heart, something that is sealed)

3.    Add your business card

4.    Add something that ties into your work.  It can be a card with a link to a Funny or Die video you made (random act of laughter). It can be a card with your costumer’s website and 1 fashion fix-it tip (random act of fashion). If you have short films or your reel on DVDs and want to share them (random act of entertainment).      

Get creative with this.  The bottom line is people LOVE getting gifts, and you never know who you’re talking to and who they know.  If you happen to be at an industry event, even better. So, shower some strangers with random acts of … whatever speaks to you.  

1. Create 12 baggies

2. Talk to 12 strangers and share some cheer

3. If you like them, get their contact info or connect with them on Facebook

4. Share it on my FB Wall and the most creative one will win a prize!

Buddy loved people because he grew up with Santa where everyone was happy.  Happiness is contagious so spread it around.