Job interviews can be stressful situations. But, when you walk into the interview with confidence, prepared with what you want to say about yourself, honest and equipped with the tools to put your best foot forward – that’s when interviews become a comfortable exchange of information and an exploration of what could prove to be a wonderful new career opportunity. And, that’s a very big difference that can dictate whether or not you land the job. When you need work, job hunting is a full-time occupation. Jessica Sitomer offers people the chance to do the job of finding a job very efficiently and effectively, resulting in maximizing the experience. No questions come from out of left field when you have fully prepped yourself to be interviewed. And, you get on record with all the information you want to leave behind with a potential employer. Planning a career is like planning a sales campaign. Jessica provides insight into your goals, strategies, and most importantly, a way to get beyond your fears and insecurities and get more in touch with your core desires and values. Honesty and a calm demeanor win the day. The road to those goals will take you to Jessica Sitomer’s door.

-Sue, television development executive