Yeah Baby! I feel the need… the need for speed! My year of True Highs took me Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 6.47.15 PMon an adventure that would have scared the ______ out of me before I’d changed my mindset.  Driving in a NASCAR race car was beyond thrilling. Dennis, my driver knew I was willing to go fast! On the first turn I wasn’t quite sure how the car could possibly stay on the track at that speed, but as it hugged the road my smile grew until it hurt. March has also brought with it my first PGA tournament (I wasn’t golfing, just observing) and my first oyster (yes, I thought I was being adventurous, but it turned out to be delicious and not as big a deal as everyone has made of it through the years).  

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I loved race car driving so much I had to tie today’s article in to it… 

Talladega Nights Are You Ready To Be Number One?   
By Jessica Sitomer

Ricky Bobby could only count to 1 when it came to his NASCAR racing career. He was number 1 and anything else in his opinion was last place. Then a crash turned his car and his world upside down. His father and mentor told him, “You’ve got to learn to drive with the fear.” A lesson he was challenged with when being asked to drive blindfolded and with a live cougar in the car. Facing his fears put him back on top.

“Feel the fear and act in spite of it” a quote I’ve used more times than I can count. I use it because I have yet to meet an outrageously successful person who claimed to be fearless in their drive to be number one. Every successful person feels fear, it’s how they manage their fear that differentiates them from people who never reach their true desires. Want some techniques for pushing through fear? Here you go…

1. Did you ever do something that REALLY scared you only to discover it wasn’t so bad after all? Maybe it was even fun and exciting? If not, I suggest you start pushing yourself to face some fears. Now most people say, “But my fear of going in the ocean, or heights, or public speaking doesn’t affect my career, so it doesn’t bother me.” And I would say to them that they are right, these fears don’t affect your career, which is exactly why they are the fears to face. When you face a fear like jumping in the ocean, and after you get out of the water you feel the pride of doing what you feared, your confidence and comfort zone expands and THAT affects your career confidence and comfort zone.    

2. Imagine the “Endstep”. During both my hot air balloon and race car driving adventures, I met people who were truly frightened. To each one I said, “Instead of focusing on what you’re afraid of right now, focus on the moment this adventure is over. Imagine stepping out of the basket (or car), you are safe, you have faced your fear. Imagine how proud you feel, how exhilarated. Imagine what you say to yourself, knowing that you’ve faced your fear and conquered it.” When you let go of fearing the worst you can enjoy the moment.

And Action! 

1.    Make a list of fears you are ready to face
2.    Commit to facing one and schedule it
3.    Write a note or make a video to yourself congratulating yourself for your accomplishment

Ricky Bobby wanted to be number one! Do you? Success comes with challenges. Expand your comfort zone to invite in more success!