Powerful, proven, and proactive strategies to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

This program is for people who want to take weekly action to move their business ahead. Based on the book And… Action! which uses a movie as a metaphor for each action task (Mr. & Mrs. Smith had to kill their “target list”, you just have to meet yours), the quick chapters give you a do-able action guide to change your career.  In addition, each chapter has an MP3 lesson that goes with it to take you deeper into action and transformation. 

You will complete this program knowing:

arrows  The foundation that every business needs to build and maintain financial, creative, and emotional stability for a long-term career.
arrows  The mindsets you can access at anytime to get you through obstacles.
arrows  How to get mentors in your industry.
arrows  How to create buzz around your passion.
arrows  How to get more clients, referrals and jobs 

What You Will Learn:

arrows  Learn exactly what actions to take monthly, weekly, and daily (so you can focus on your passion knowing you are getting closer to your goals every day)
Learn the tools that distinguish successful people from those who are just barely eeking out a living (I know what it feels like on both ends and being successful is much easier)

Who this program is for:

arrows  Entertainment industry professionals
Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who like movies and can think outside of the box.
arrows  Any creative looking to learn a new approach to generating work.