Networking may not be something you “love,” but what if you could triple your contacts doing what you love? Why can’t it be that simple, easy, and fun? 

Well, guess what? It can!

In my home-study program Triple Your Contacts Doing What You Love you will:

  1. Learn a simple 1 minute strategy for how to triple your contacts
  2. Discover which of these 10 networking obstacles block you, and how to overcome them in a way you’ll actually enjoy! 
  3. Receive a list of my personal icebreakers, so you’ll never worry about what to say when you meet someone new 
  4. Get my 12 questions to ask in a networking situation, so you always have subjects to talk about. And they will start some pretty interesting conversations…
  5. Be guided through your own personal networking success strategy that fits your personality and comfort level
  6. Create 4 strategically scripted stories to share, revealing exactly what you want people to learn about you without bragging or feeling uncomfortable talking about yourself. People will gravitate to these stories! 
  7. Learn my secret strategy for networking that is the opposite of what everyone else is doing so you’ll stand out in the best way

As a bonus, I’m going to share a follow up strategy that you can tie into what you love doing. After all, the fortune is in the follow up. 

This program can propel your business. Take action now and invest in yourself. Knowledge is power and scripts make it easy! 

Who is this for?

arrows  Actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, production designers, composers, and anyone else who agents represent.
arrows  Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. 
arrows  Solopreneurs and Independent Contractors 
arrows  Any creative looking to learn a new approach to generating work.