VALENTINE’S DAY When You Ask To Be Hired, Do You Want Them To Consider It Or To Know?

By Jessica Sitomer


From the movie Valentine’s Day-

Reed Bennett: Did you even consider marrying me?

Morley Clarkson: Of course I did—but when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? Or do you want her to just know?


I always say that pursuing work in the entertainment industry is just like dating, and the movie Valentine’s Day is a perfect example. First of all, there are about 20 movie stars playing roles that intertwine with each other’s love life, the same way that our industry is so small most of the time that you’re 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon from anyone to whom you want to know. Second, the premise of the movie is that couples break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day. How many times have you blown a meeting because you put so much pressure on it, or had such high expectations for a project that winds up going no where?


But those issues are not the ones I want to address today. Getting back to Morley’s quoted line above, I want to ask you the same question in regards to how easily you ask people for work. Here’s the typical scenario:


Job Seeker: It was great to meet you. I’m available, so will you keep me in mind?


Job Holder: Sure. I’ll put you on our list.


Then, the Job Seeker walks away feeling like he/she just made headway. But is that accurate? Does being on some elusive list that may or may not actually exist really count for anything (other than making the Job Holder feel like he/she just got off the hook)? To put a spin on Morley’s question let me ask you:


ME: Do you want to just be on someone’s “list”? Or do you want to be “top of mind”?


Or, as I’ve titled this article, do you want them to just consider you for a job or do you want them to know they want to hire you?


Here are 3 ways to get them to KNOW they want to hire you and keep you TOP OF MIND:


1. Put yourself in the Job Holder’s shoes. If their job, reputation, and/or money is on the line, they want to hire people they already know. If you don’t know someone well enough for them to hire you, and you ask anyway, you will be put on their “list.” Instead of asking for work, ask them how you can help them. This puts you in the driver’s seat. Now, you are looking out for them and are building a relationship.


2. If you really want people to know they want to hire you, they have to know you can do the job. Either do a freebie for them or come with a powerhouse of recommendations. If you don’t have the opportunity to do a freebie for them OR a powerhouse of recommendations, you’re back to #1 or #3.


3. Get Industry Mentors. When you have business advice and guidance mentors, you are not only creating a win/win for both of you, you are also building a relationship where they can get to know, like and trust you. As the relationship grows, they start to care about you, that’s when the shift goes from “being on the list” to “being top of mind.”

And Action!

Evaluate how you build relationships. Do you take the time to allow people to get to know, like, trust, and care about you? Or do you ask for work the first time you meet them?    

2. Do you have mentors? If not get 1 this week. That’s it, just 1 this week. Once you get 1 you’ll have the confidence to go after more. If you need help getting mentors, check out where you’ll learn about The Greenlight Mentor Program that I created to make it easy for you. (You’ll also get to listen to some free, cool teleseminars I posted.)

Nobody wants to be dumped on Valentine’s Day, and nobody wants to be appeased with an “I’ll put you on my list.” So, build your business muscle to grow stronger relationships with people who want to hire you.