A Simple Way to Keep Your Eye on Your Goal

High school wrestler, Louden Swain sets a goal for himself that no one thinks he can achieve. His friends call it his vision quest. While few believe in him, he never takes his eye of his goal.

In my last article, I wrote that you get what you focus on. So, what are you looking at? What we see affects our mental well being as well as our physical.  Yes, like “you are what you eat,” what you see affects how you feel.  Therefore, it would be great for you to create a vision board, to look at often, of everything you want.

Creating a vision board used to be extremely time consuming because you knew what you wanted, but had to look through piles of magazines to find it or something that came close. It was messy with all the cutting and pasting, but still fun.

Today I’m going to share a few tips that are easy on you and kind to the environment. It won’t take you long to create something inspirational!  Here’s how you do it:

1.    Make a list of the categories you want represented. Examples are: career, health, home, relationships, exercise, spirituality, success, family, vacations, and money.

2.    If you know the specifics of what you want (a car brand/model, to sell a script you wrote, a vacation you want to take), Google it. Then click on images for the car, the vacation location, a script (or make your own poster as if the script was made).

3.    Copy and paste the images onto a blank document (I use iPages). You can also use words, personal photos, or, hey, get creative and put your face on the cover of Entertainment Weekly or type up a cover article for Variety.   

4.    Put it somewhere you can see it. For example: make it your iPad wallpaper, shrink it down and make small versions for your car, wallet, and bedside table, frame it and put it in your office.

It’s a collage of your vision!


1. Create your 2015 vision board

2. Share it on my Facebook page to be put into a drawing for a great prize.

Louden was clear on his vision, today it’s time for you to get visual with yours.