WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING Putting Off the Inevitable
By, Jessica Sitomer

Ah, Lucy and Peter. What a beautiful couple at first glance. Of course Peter is in a coma and doesn’t even know Lucy, and Lucy is bogged down by the HUGE energy drain of knowing she will inevitably have to tell Peter’s family that she has been lying to all of them. The energy drain grows and grows as the movie progresses, as Lucy not only falls in love with having a “family” but also literally falls in love with Peter’s brother Jack. The weight of her “drain” is what keeps the audience empathetic for Lucy as she weaves her way into situations that only make the lie and the drain worse.

Now, if Lucy had used my formula for eliminating energy drains, she wouldn’t have gotten in so deep, but that would have been a pretty short movie.

I’m going to give you the formula for eliminating an energy drain. It involves a reward so give it a go:

The first step towards eliminating the things that consume, exhaust and deplete your energy, physically and emotionally, is to recognize what they are.  

1.    Evaluate your surroundings and your situations to determine your top 5 energy drains. Consider the areas of your home or office, relationship issues or work related problems.

2.    Schedule a time to handle these 5 items.

3.    Get support for those things that you’d rather avoid.

4.    Break the tasks into small, manageable steps and do them.

5.    Build in a reward to motivate you through the process.

Energy Drain is:

I plan to handle this on __________ at ___________am/pm

The person/people that I can call to support me with this project is/are:

Manageable tasks to complete this would be:

My completion reward will be:

And Action!
1. Take the first step to schedule when you will address your energy drain. Just putting it on a calendar, even if it’s in a month, takes it off your mind.   

2.  Follow through with the reward you promised yourself. That’s called positive reinforcement and it builds trust with our subconscious mind, so that next time you use this technique, you will be in sync, and look forward to the process

Lucy certainly got her reward at the end once she eliminated her drain. Think about how you will feel once your drain is eliminated and you’re enjoying your reward.