I was recently talking to a young millionaire who was dealing with some very confusing problems. Having a few years on him, I realized, his problems were no different than other guys his age, he just has a lot of money and therefore that added confusion as to who is genuine and who is just interested in him for his money.  As a young millionaire, there are tons of seasoned millionaires who would be fascinated by his story and how he made millions as a teenager. They would love to mentor him. The could explain to him how they went through the same things when they were his age and what they did right to stay on track, red flags to look out for, and how to figure out whom to trust. He had the same doubts that many of my clients have, (maybe even you have) “why would they want to help me?” The answer is it’s human nature. People either want to give back or they want to feel like an expert. What’s the point of knowing all of these great career lessons if you can’t share them with people?

I know, it reads well on paper, but when it comes down to making that phone call to ask or writing a mentor request letter, most people get stuck. Few people push through the fear, contact mentors, and reap the rewards. I don’t like those odds. I want more people learning from mentors. So I’ve made it so that you can learn from mentors without having to do the “work stuff” that you don’t like. If that intrigues you, check out http://ht.ly/1LIS6