Tess McGill has big dreams to work in business. She seizes an opportunity when her boss breaks her leg on a ski trip, after all, Tess has a “head for business and a bod for sin…”  It takes a lot to make it in business and Tess gets a crash course.

Are you working to break into some closed circles?  This video is answering a costume designer’s question, but my answers can be applied to any job:


Tess focused on her relationship with Jack Trainer, she did A LOT of research, and had a mentor who taught her both the good and the backstabbing of business.  Using all three tips, she learns the good, the bad, and the ugly of business, and in the end, she perserveres.

What do you do when you give something your all and then someone lets you down? Does it stop you in your tracks or do you perservere? With all the research you do, mentors with whom you connect, and relationships you create, you will still get Nos, but Nos don’t change your life, Yeses do…   

And Action!

1. Which of the three tips do you need to focus on first?
2. Take one step this week