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Vision Quest

A Simple Way to Keep Your Eye on Your Goal

High school wrestler, Louden Swain sets a goal for himself that no one thinks he can achieve. His friends call it his vision quest. While few believe in him, he never takes his eye of his goal.

In my last article, I wrote that you get what you focus on. So, what are you looking at? What we see affects our mental well being as well as our physical.  Yes, like “you are what you eat,” what you see affects how you feel.  Therefore, it would be great for you to create a vision board, to look at often, of everything you want.

Creating a vision board used to be extremely time consuming because you knew what you wanted, but had to look through piles of magazines to find it or something that came close. It was messy with all the cutting and pasting, but still fun.

Today I’m going to share a few tips that are easy on you and kind to the environment. It won’t take you long to create something inspirational!  Here’s how you do it:

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The Karate Kid

Catching a Fly With Chopsticks

Upon seeing Mr. Miyagi attempting to catch a fly with chopsticks, Daniel gives it a try. That’s a description I found on the Internet. “Try” isn’t a word that I’m particularly fond of using in regards to going after a dream. It’s non-committal. If there is one thing we learned about Daniel in The Karate Kid, he was committed. Even when he was frustrated because he didn’t understand the tasks Mr. Miyagi was giving him, he did them. Including focusing all of his attention on catching that fly.   If you get what you focus on, then you want to focus on what you want. Many people in the entertainment industry know what they want in a big picture way like: “I want to be famous,” “I want to work on Oscar winning projects,” “I want to make millions of dollars.” These wants are in alignment with what’s possible in this industry, however, when I ask how they plan to achieve these “big picture dreams” 90% of people say either that they don’t know or that they plan to keep getting work until it happens.

Those answers are not focused answers. If you ask a budding CEO of a breakthrough product what his dream is and he says that it’s to make millions with his product, and then you ask him how he plans to do that, he will whip out a business plan that he designed in Harvard Business School, and it will be quite impressive.

Do you have a business plan for 2015? If so, how focused is it? I’d like to give you some pointers:

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Spreading Holiday Cheer

In Elf, Will Ferrell, has a childlike innocence, that not only makes him fearless, he also embraces strangers in the hopes of making their day better and their Christmas brighter.

Have you ever stood in an elevator next to someone and not said a word?  Have you ever stood on line for groceries with a person in front of you and behind you and not exchanged a smile? Have you ever been on a boat and noticed that it doesn’t matter if you’re on a yacht or a dingy people wave at each other?

Well, we don’t all live on boats, we live on this planet together, amongst billions of strangers, and most of the time, we don’t embrace our fellow humans.

Why is that? I’m the rare breed who does say hello to people in elevators as well as strike up a conversation with whomever is on line with me at a store.  And this month, I took it a step further and it’s helped me grow my business. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do, even give you a quick script so you can create opportunities every time you leave the house.  Here’s the script:

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