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Spreading Holiday Cheer

In Elf, Will Ferrell, has a childlike innocence, that not only makes him fearless, he also embraces strangers in the hopes of making their day better and their Christmas brighter.

Have you ever stood in an elevator next to someone and not said a word?  Have you ever stood on line for groceries with a person in front of you and behind you and not exchanged a smile? Have you ever been on a boat and noticed that it doesn’t matter if you’re on a yacht or a dingy people wave at each other?

Well, we don’t all live on boats, we live on this planet together, amongst billions of strangers, and most of the time, we don’t embrace our fellow humans.

Why is that? I’m the rare breed who does say hello to people in elevators as well as strike up a conversation with whomever is on line with me at a store.  And this month, I took it a step further and it’s helped me grow my business. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do, even give you a quick script so you can create opportunities every time you leave the house.  Here’s the script:

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The Three Commitments

What do you do when you’re flat on your back for over a week, with no strength to be productive, and it happens to be the end of November?  Watch Hallmark Channel holiday movies.  In It’s Christmas, Carol, a ruthless tycoon Carol, is visited by the ghost of her old boss, played by Carrie Fisher, on Christmas Eve to help her change her ways.

I watched this film, and a few other Christmas Carol takeoffs in between A Cookie Cutter Christmas, A Royal Christmas, and many other DVRd delights.  I am guessing that’s why sometime in the middle of the night when my temperature was 103, my mind started playing tricks on me. (Does yours ever do that?) I started imagining worst case scenarios and I was freaking myself out, so I was once told if you wake up from a bad dream, immediately, create a happy ending to it so you won’t go back into it.  As, I was already awake, the story teller in my subconscious came out front and center and went Scrooged on me. An older man, beard, kind of Harry Potterish, took me on my journey, and the story was, “If I were to die tonight, here’s what I would regret from my past, wish I’d done in my present, and what I’d miss out on in my future. It was very vivid and I actually felt transported. I don’t remember falling asleep after the journey, but when I awoke, my fever had broken and I remembered the journey vividly, though I can’t picture the man’s face.  I knew I had to do something, so I got a pad and paper and here’s what I did…

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Maid in Manhattan

Rebound from Rejection

I love the movie Maid in Manhattan! It’s one of those movies that 14 years later, still holds up. Why? Because it deals with a subject close to everyone’s heart… the fear of being rejected. Jennifer Lopez plays Marisa Ventura who in a case of mistaken identity meets Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a candidate for senate and they fall for each other. What he doesn’t know is that Marisa is a hotel maid, living out the fantasy of being a socialite. Because of her fear of rejection, she didn’t tell him otherwise.

I see this so much in the industry. What I mean is, people putting other people on a pedestal and being afraid to connect with them or “bother” them. Bottom line, it’s a fear of rejection. The only difference between you and the people who are farther along in their careers than you, are the opportunities they’ve had. They are just people.

Here are some tips to pushing through the fear of rejection and then how to rebound if it should happen:

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