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Entertainment Industry Question 51: Is it difficult crossing over from television to film, or vice versa?

Jessica’s Answer:

Back in the day, you were one or the other. In recent years, the business has changed and people go back and forth. Is it difficult? That depends. Do you have solid relationships with people who can hire you in both? Do you have individual marketing materials for each medium? Do you have a recognizable name?

If you didn't answer yes, to any of the questions, it can certainly be a challenge. Now you know what's missing, and you can work to build in those areas to make the cross-over easier.

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To your success!

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Entertainment Industry Question 50: I read your list of people to get referrals to on page 79 but how do you ask for them when people are so competitive?

Jessica’s Answer:

This was a question from one of the people in my teleseminar series.  I addressed it on the call and thought I'd share it with everyone.

Here are my suggestions for asking for referrals: Add a comment


Entertainment Industry Question 49: How do I choose a mentor?

Jessica’s Answer:

This came to me in the comment section of question 47.  The answer: Not as carefully as you may think. Add a comment



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