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You Can’t Please Everyone, So What Do You Do? 

Thank you to all of you who participated in my poll.  Now I have a much better idea of what you want.  However, I can’t please everyone, so here is my plan.  For frequency, it was literally 1 28%/ 2 23%/ 4 29%.  So my compromise is that I will post a video weekly on my YouTube page for those of you who want to see videos regularly.  You can subscribe to my page at  The latest one, “Should you take notes at a mentor meeting,” is up now.

I will send out two newsletters a month, one written article like today, and one video.  

My lesson is that as much as I want to help and inspire everyone who chooses to be on my list, I can’t please everyone, but I am doing my best to accommodate as many as I can.  Today’s article in on how you can do the same while pursuing your aspirations.

IN HER SHOES You Can’t Please Everyone, So What Do You Do?     
By Jessica Sitomer

Rose, is a people pleaser.  She puts so many hours in at the office and her reasoning is, “Where would I be without people to please?”  The obstacle for people pleasers is that they find it very hard to say no and often get taken advantage of, as was the case when Rose could not say no to her sister, Maggie.  

Most creatives are “people pleasers” in the sense that when they create something it’s for others, and they crave accolades.  For a people please to overhear someone say that their works stinks, is like a mother overhearing someone say her baby is ugly.  It hurts.  People pleasers are very sensitive people because all they want to do is be helpful to others.

But, you can’t please all the people all of the time.  Even great Academy Award Winning Films have their haters.  

Here’s another obstacle for people pleasers: hearing “no.”  When all you want to do is share your talents with the world, it is really hard to hear, “No.”  The more you hear it the more frustrated you get and the more frustrated you get, the more negative your energy, and the more negative energy, the more “Nos” you hear.  Vicious cycle, I know.    

Here are 3 ways to determine whom to please:
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