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Are You Protecting Your Image?

In Paparazzi, Cole Hauser, plays a rising Hollywood actor who decides to take revenge on the paparazzi who stalk him. 

Now, this article isn't about getting revenge, it's not about changing other people's behavior, because you have no control over that.  It is about 3 tips to protect yourself and your image:

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For Love of the Game

By Jessica Sitomer

In For Love of the Game, Kevin Costner, plays Billy Chapel, a legendary Detroit Tigers pitcher.  Due to age, injury, and attitude, his career and love life are in the balance.  A wonderful movie about dreams, dedication, and the perfect game.

Sometimes, the entertainment industry can make you feel like “your season” or worse “your career” is ending.  Constantly, people around you are talking your ear off about all that is wrong with the industry in which you are working so hard to succeed. You start to doubt yourself and your future, even the future of the industry.  There never seems to be enough time or money, and worst of all, opportunities to perform the job you love.     
The industry is always changing but it is NOT going away, not collapsing, despite what others may fret about. Here are 3 tips to keep you and your passion on track:

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Pump Up The Volume

I am having so much fun with another brand I’ve launched. One of the things I’ve always taught my clients is to create multiple streams of income. Being in the entertainment industry means work isn’t always steady, but it doesn’t mean your income can’t be (more on how to create multiple streams of income coming up in July).

As the CEO of my own company (as you are of yours), I invest in myself. ABL, as one of my coaches says (Always Be Learning). After investing in new programs, I take what I’ve learned and show you how it can apply to your career. Today, I’m going to address a marketing technique called Podcasting. You may or may not have heard of it, but people in the entertainment industry are using it including: Adam Carolla, Will Sasso, Chris D’Elia, Brayn Callen, Nerdest Wrtiter’s Panel, The Art of Photography, and television shows like Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

I launched mine, Finding Happily Ever After this month. When I publicized it on Facebook I warned… “Be prepared to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know.” It’s comedic in nature, with business/relationship/health Dos and Don’ts, targeted to high achieving women. Of course I still have my male fans and they review along with the women. Here are two:

She’s Hilarious!!!!!! by LIDO66

WoW!!! Couldn’t stop laughing!!!!! And on top of that, you actually learn stuff! And as a busy mom I can use the do’s and don’ts and I can’t resist the dirt!

Down To Earth, Personable and Fun To Listen To by Tayo Rockson

What's not to love about Jessica and her podcast? She shares relatable stories and talks to you like she is sitting next to you. She clearly has experience and you feel like you are listening to your BFF. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have a laugh, cry or just discover how to live a better life!

Today’s blog is about how you can use podcasting to market yourself to get work, and how sharing yourself will lead to job offers. This may not be one you’re ready to follow through on now, so save it, because very soon, podcasting will be as common as the marketing tools you’re using today.

p.s. I’d love it if you supported me by going to iTunes, subscribing and leaving a review whether you’re male or female, but remember my warning ;-)
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