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While You Were Sleeping

To Work or Not to Work in the Face of Tragedy

In While You Were Sleeping, Sandra Bullock’s Character, Lucy, saves Peter’s life and gets pulled into the warmth of his family due to some lack of communication.  In this romantic comedy, Peter spends most of the movie in a coma, with his family and Lucy, close by.

I've spent my summer on the lake with my friends.  On Labor Day, my friends’ son was in a near fatal accident.  He’s now home, and on the fast track to a full recovery.  But when it happened, the only similarity to a “romantic comedy” was that friends and family were all around.  

I watched a father helplessly hold his son in his arms, not knowing if he would survive. I listened as a mother wailed and screamed.  I felt the fierce protective love of a big brother, who wouldn’t leave his bedside and watched over his monitors all night.  I experienced the love of so many family members and friends who came to the hospital to pray for him and comfort his parents.

Before he even went in for surgery, I had two client calls, a training call I was giving, and the day after his surgery I had to give a webinar. Now granted, I am not his immediate family, but my heart was still breaking to see him in pain and watch his parents practically helpless.  I was praying with everything I had.  I was emotional, scared, staying strong for everyone so they could break down, and… I had to work.  

Most people with regular 9-5 jobs, can take off a week of work in the wake of a tragedy, but in our industry, we don’t always have that flexibility.  People are counting on us, money is being spent on us, and fear of someone else replacing us, makes these times especially challenging for entertainment professionals.

I remember when Sandra Bullock’s mother passed away on the day of her premiere for 28 Days.  My heart was breaking for her as the tabloid news made her "will she or will she not attend her own premiere" the top story for hours on end.  She did not attend the premiere, and I was glad to see she didn’t.

We are constantly faced with tough choices in our industry and saying yes or no to work, or an important commitment can be extremely stressful, so here are some tips that I hope help:
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Does a Website Make Me Look Desperate?

Helloooooooo from Georgia! I have to say, I love lake living.  I've been kayaking, boating, and doing yoga daily.  In between I'm getting my work done, eating healthy, and spending time with friends.  You really can have it all! What makes it so easy for me to work from any where, are my websites! With 3 businesses, I can simply send people to my website.  They can learn all about me, or get my services and products, while I'm doing sunset yoga on the dock. 

So, when I received today's Reel Answers question, I had to a video on it! Do you think having a website makes someone look desperate? Leave a comment on my blog.
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Cinderella Man

Tapping Back in to Your Motivation

In Cinderella Man, Mae expressers her concerns about Jim’s boxing career and him fighting a man who has killed two fighters in the ring.  Mae was afraid of the bold risk Jim was taking, and rightfully so, it was life or death.  Jim was motivated to take that risk because the motivation to take care of his family trumped his fear of failing.

Last week, I gave a seminar for the Society of Camera Operators. Overall, the whole group was feeling deflated about the industry and their motivation was down.  I asked them to give me 10 minutes of “Boldness.”  I coached them on what that meant.  It was a big risk for them, not life or death, but in an “out-side of their comfort zone” way.  They rose to the occasion, and their motivation was restored because they got instant results and positive reinforcement. What if you could experience 10 minutes of boldness? Well you can… but more on that at the end.

It is clear to me as someone who has coached well over one thousand people one-on-one, that people lose their motivation when they’re not taking the RIGHT action.  It’s usually because they don’t know what the RIGHT action is.  So, this article is an evaluation of the actions you are taking.  To see if you are taking the RIGHT action read on…
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